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Places of interest in Erfurt

The medieval structure of the charming old town, with its atmospheric winding lanes and little squares, is largely preserved and it is an important example of German town architecture. Lovingly restored buildings form a picturesque backdrop and create an idyllic atmosphere.

Cathedral Hill (Domberg) with St. Mary's Cathedral and the Church of St Severus

The Gothic cathedral with its high-Gothic chancel and Romanesque tower replaced the church built on this site for Bishop Boniface in 742 AD.

The Church of St Severus, a five-naved Gothic hall church, was a collegiate church from the 12th century onwards. Today, along with the cathedral, it is part of Erfurt's most famous landmark.

Prediger Church and Monastery

The Prediger Church, an early Gothic hall church, was built by Dominican monks in the 13th and 14th centuries. It contains numerous references to the great theologian and mystic Master Eckhart.